I’ve shifted from my roots.
I hope someone shoots me for pulling this PC bullshit.
I should just throw a fucking fit, spit in their eye, and not give a damn.
I’d rather have someone ram their fist up my rectum than try to be part of the total sum.
Fuck this dumb idea of conforming, I should be storming off.
I don’t care what you’re feeling.
I should be stealing the show.
Then you would know what I believe.
You’d receive my hate.
I don’t care if you think I stink, rate it zero – it’s only fair, fuck you’d be my god damn hero!
I couldn’t bear writing another feel good poem, I’d rather show em’ the real me!
The one with zeal, the one with balls, and calls it how it is without getting his panties in a wad.
The one that tears down this whole fucking facade!


Dear reader

I’m going to cut the poetry shit and talk seriously for a moment.
Just because I don’t like or comment on your posts, don’t take it personally.
I’m not ignoring your work, on the contrary I try to read what my followers create.
I’m just not a big talker.
I would rather focus on writing than discussing the process and I would rather read your work than talk about it.
I truly hope you understand.
What you create and what you make, it truly inspires me; we all have to improve sure, but what we make now isn’t something to laugh at.
At it’s core it’s art, sometimes funny, sometimes smart, but no matter what; it comes from the heart.
Thanks for reading.


An old solution

The only solution is a revolution of love.
Plant it like a seed and feed everyone.
Before it’s done, people will make snide remarks.
Don’t shake and hide, just give them a hug, it will infect them like a bug.
Unite under one flag, your heart will no longer sag.
It will fly like a kite, so we might change the earth and give birth to a new order. One without a border.
No more hate; we’ll have changed our fate.
No more debate; no more madness, no more sadness.
We’ll all be glad we had changed for the better.
All because we followed a four letter word.
We can’t afford to follow the ways of day’s past.
You had better choose fast, before the spell is cast and the world darkens.
I hope the people hearkens what I say, or I will dismay; my soul starkens.
Our minds a disarray; it takes all kinds.

Generic quest

You finally login, you bash your noggin against the keyboard; trying to figure out how to use your sword.
An hour passes, hours to days, days to weeks.
You haven’t taken a shower; your whole body reeks.
You missed your classes, but it doesn’t matter you finally have enough buzzard asses to complete the quest; now how the fuck do you get out of this nest?
You narrowly escape the gape of the bosses jaw; your fingers are bloody and raw.
You turn in the quest; all you get is a fuddy duddy cape.
Oh well, back to the daily grind.
You soon find some asshole named Bill stole your kill.
You say he has no life and that you slept with his wife.
He resorts to using reports and you’re quickly banned.
Oh well, back to using your hand.

Sneed the selfish elf

You take a book off the shelf and begin to read: There once was an elf filled with greed, his name was Sneed. He was a rotten crook that took what he wanted and flaunted it with pride.
He even stole Santa’s ride!
The rules he did not abide; he used his tools to break into the place.
He didn’t even case the joint, he made it a point to be as quick as possible.
He was a real dick, and the other elves were getting sick.
They gave him a frown; he tried to act tough, but they got rough and kicked his ass out of town.
The last they heard of Sneed was that he freed a yeti, he died when the beast pissed on his head and ended up frozen dead.
Let’s just say he wasn’t missed in the least.


Imperfections are perfect directions to find interesting people.
With a soul as tall as a steeple. Personalities that are kind; and bind you to their love.
Make you feel like you could fly above; they steal your heart.
Start to see why they live; just so they can give joy.
They never toy with your emotions; only make you keep your devotions.
They take the pain away; and when you sleep you think of them.
Sitting in the rain; your woes begin to wane.
Nobody knows you like them.
When the light begins to dim; they make it bright again.
When things go wrong, they make it right.
Their life is like a grand song; and only you demand an encore.
What more could you ask for?


Oh, you live in the city?
What a pity.
The people there are so shitty.
They think they’re so witty; their personalities are vapid and dry.
Makes me wanna cry.
They make bad puns.
They’re worse than the Huns.
They’re the source of Poe’s woes.
They took a course in feminism.
I’d rather eat a load of jism than listen to them talk about patriarchy.
What a bunch of malarkey.
I’d rather crunch my balls in a vice than take advice from these tools.
What a bunch of fools, they think like a tard that drools.
It must be hard to act so pretentious.
As a matter of fact these people are so flamboyant they make Liberace look modest.
These are the oddest sorry excuses for human beings.
Even God profuses his disdain for this shitstain he calls creation.
I hope he brings fire for their cremation, or I’ll hire someone to bring their doom.
Soon it’ll loom over them like the moon.
Charred darker than a coon.
Marred like a leper.
I’ll eat their flesh with some ground pepper.

Putin is greatest in world.

Putin leapt from the plane.
Started shootin’ and killed a Dane.
Screamed something profane as he raped a Chechen.
Escaped Obama and his drama over Ukraine.
Dropped an atom bomb on the states and secured his reign.
Barack thought he could change their fates; in his dreams.
Listened to their screams over an intercom and laughed his ass off.
Now the U.S.A. is just a mass of ashes.
Don’t make Putin mad before he smashes your head.
Greatest Russian to ever live, makes his enemies dead.
Crushin’ his foes, and takes their land; he so enjoys their woes.
Everyone knows he’s the best, so give it a rest you’ll never beat him; only heat him as he throws your body on the fire.
One day he’ll retire, but I have one last thing to say: he’ll never die. So go cry cause you’re fuckin’ gay.

Steps to success

Sucking is the first step.
Fucking up is the best.
Make mistakes.
Don’t give up, do whatever it takes.
Live to pee all over your work.
Be free and dress like a dork.
Shit on a stork.
Throw a fit over small things.
Don’t answer the door when the bell rings.
Live poor, act like life is hell.
Finally, divorce your wife.
Now you’re ready, but take it steady.